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To many Americans, the answer would appear to be yes! According to a poll out of the University of Southern California in L.A., Trump leads over Hillary by 47% to 41%. Voter turnout among younger people and those who usually don’t vote is up higher than previous elections. It might be because this is more than just your typical election, but since Obama ran for and won the White House in 2008 as the first African American, its been anything but typical. This election is once for the ages because your putting a guy (Donald Trump) with no political experience whatsoever against a woman (Hillary Clinton) who has been well versed in politics ever since her husband Bill was governor of Arkansas. Adding to her impressive resume was that of First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator for the state of New York and Secretary of State under President Obama. With all of that experience under her belt, why are we going for a guy best known for unorthodox business skills and saying his famous words “Your Fired”?

The answer could be that perhaps Hillary is too well seasoned. Knowing her way around the political system could be of great benefit, but it has also caused a lot of scrutiny while she was Secretary of State with her handling of Benghazi and trail of emails. The question is, do people really care about honesty? Has there ever truly been an honest politician? I would say not! It’s almost like in order to get elected, you have to make promises to voters that both you know you will never keep. While one hand is on the bible swearing allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the other is shaking hands with the devil knowing that your about to embark on a life of luxury and perks never thought possible. Getting elected isn’t rocket science, it just takes wit and a sharp tongue, Donald has both. He is a shrewd businessman that won’t take no for an answer. He seems better suited to run a tabloid magazine because he will tell you anything you want to hear. He feeds off of your fears, your hopes and your dreams, but don’t all politicians? Most are unaware that once in office, the most he can do is send off troops for 90 days without congressional approval, give great state dinners, travel, be in charge of the Easter egg hunt and of course, pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving. Anything else would require a 2/3 majority vote to get a bill passed.

If Americans know he is full of crap, then why elect him? It could be a way to get back at Washington as a whole.I mean think about it, for once the joke would be on them instead of us. He is hated and disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike, the later of which are being forced to like or at least tolerate the guy. It’s like the mean kid that nobody else wants in the sandbox because you know he will be disruptive and take all of your toys away. Just think how embarrassing it’s going to be for both sides when he is presented at the State of the Union address and they all have to kiss his ass! This to me is ultimate voter payback. This is not politics as usual folks, but revenge against an outdated system that puts our lives on hold every time someone doesn’t get their way in Washington!


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