Millennials Could Screw Up This Election Big Time

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In a world where millennials are aging and becoming eligible to vote, they’re not voting in a way that would favor their generation in the long-run. Millennials are an entitled generation, which is fueled by instant gratification, and nurtured a little more than previous generations. When it comes to this generation having a voice, and using their voice to vote, they’re not budging. After the loss of the Democratic nomination to their “oh so precious” Bernie Sanders, millennials are refusing to participate in the upcoming 2016 election in a manner that they should be. Most millennials are giving up their sacred right to vote, or are simply voting for a third party candidate such as Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein.

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Although  61% of millennials aren’t in favor of Donald Trump this doesn’t clearly conclude that all those votes lost for Trump would go directly to Hillary. Millennials aren’t voting for Hillary because many distrust her and her motives. Most of this distrust comes from the over exhausted email scam, the allegations of her “rigging” the primaries to sway in her favor, and the role of the Democratic party leaders in ensuring a Hillary Democratic nominee victory. Hillary is still leading the polls in Millennial support over Trump, but not enough that will clear her a path to victory.

Due to the fact that millennials play a huge role in elections, and makeup 31% of the electorate, in order for this to be a successful election with a “liberal” agenda they’re going to have to vote for Hillary. Hillary has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. Realistically votes for third party nominees are a great way to demonstrate how fed up the country and millennials are with the nominees set in place, but it’s a demonstration that is caddy and childish. Think about it for once, the millennials want a liberalist agenda, free college, equal rights, and climate control set in place, which is all great things that Johnson and Stein have spoke to, but is the electoral college going to elect these candidates? No, they’re not they’re going to go in the direction the country has gone for generations and generations, and that’s electing two party system nominee. Therefore the millennials who are planning to vote this way or write in Bernie’s name on the ballot don’t understand the circumstances at hand. For a generation that wants all these great plans put in place to create a more leveled playing field for everyone, one would think they wouldn’t jeopardize this election by throwing temper tantrums and elect the nominee who has spoken to that platform to a certain extent (Hillary) rather than to a place “free votes” in the hands of the candidate who hasn’t spoken to the millennial platform at all (Trump). One would assume it is better to elect the distrusted candidate, but the candidate that 78% of millennials feel is fit to be the President (Hillary), than the candidate in which millennials felt speaks to bigotry, racist, and degrading of women (Trump).

C’mon millennials put on those thinking caps and understand that all this “freedom” and “equality” that is wanted will be jeopardized for generations to come if the bigot Trump is elected. Bernie endorsed Hillary, because she is the safe option over Trump. Like Hillary stated “Not voting is not an option,” “That just plays into Trump’s hands. It really does.” Give her one term and during that one term have Stein or Johnson solidify their platforms, and VOTE IN THE PRIMARIES FOR THEM, and boom a new Democratic nominee is selected in 2020, and there is the victory.


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