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Democrat’s election handbook

Every time around election season handbooks is already placed from past election on how to characterize your opponents. this handbook is placed and without really any set back we all know that its just going to happen. Democrats have a problem with battling Republicans arguments without alienating the upper-class donors.obama-reid-pelosi

When it comes to Republicans, they will fight with Democrats. That they are constantly trying to battle for redistributing your hard earnings. Democrats have a hard time with comebacks to this argument, because it’s true the socialist mentality, is we need to focus and help lift everyone up to an equal level. No one person should be holding on to the wealth like the top 1% in the United States of America. knowing this argument turns off voters because we all want to keep the money we work for. There is no honor in always taking handouts and never being able to take care of your family. Americans have a feeling of individualism that they need to look out for what’s in their best interest not everyone else.

So Republicans will back Democrats into a corner, then comes the Democrat’s handbook. the idea when in doubt call the opposition names that the public frowns upon. so many people don’t want to be seen supporting someone whose considered a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, or any other phobia. most Republicans have a hard time coming back from these remarks without looking like your pandering to voters. if a Republican is called racist just running to a black community won’t fix the label.  it all comes down to the electorate, will the name calling help to benefit the narrative. That Democrats are never racist, or sexist or any other disparaging names. its looked past when it comes to democrats remarks oh they just misspoke or we all say stupid things sometimes. the narrative is so hypocritical. racist-woman-hater-cartoon

Is Donald Trump breaking this mold? some could look and see his base is predominantly white there’s no question there. but he’s been labeled a racist since launching his campaign last June and yet he’s steamed forward. people are getting tired of the name calling without any real backing to the claim. could this make democrats look for a new way to demonize Republicans or just hope another candidate with less of an ego tries to run?

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