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trump To many Americans, the answer would appear to be yes! It seems many Americans are looking for a change in Washington and it doesn’t matter if they have the same finesse of a typical politician who is polite, classy and politically correct! Donald may not come across to us in a way that we are accustomed to, but maybe we understand him through his rhetoric by calling out Washington! Are we willing to look past a man who has absolutely no political experience and never been elected to any office just to get back at those who have treated Americans unfairly? Have we been mistreated at all or is it just the way the political machinery works in Washington and elsewhere? Lets face it, not everyone is going to be happy with everything, whether its politics or something else! In his article, “What is Really Wrong with Government”, Douglas J Amy, a Professor of Politics at Mount Holyoke College states “The real problem with American government is that it is not as democratic as it should be. Affluent special interests have too much power in our political system and the public has too little”.  If this is true, the U.S. Government has become more of a business than a savior of the American people. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of our famous fighters for democracy and founder of the “New Deal” during the Great Depression once said “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism; ownership of a government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power”. So is putting another businessman in power gong to be business as usual in Washington or will he shake up the government like a corporate business and start over from the ground up?

When holding the reigns of power, is it the fault of our politicians when they become self seeking or greedy for themselves and their districts? Power in Washington itself is a very dangerous thing and for those whom we elect that have never had it before, it can become a very narrow path to self absorption and make them lose sight of why they are really there, to represent others. It is no longer politics as usual, but rather a monopoly of power, back stabbing, trading, give and take and I’ll watch your back if you watch mine type of mentality! So, why not put in a master manipulator to deal with those at their own game? After all, you don’t send in a fish to fight a shark right? But instead, send in a killer whale to not only fight the shark, but to kill it as nature intended. So with this being said, are we willing to take the chance? Are we willing to look past a man who is full of racial insults, fat shaming, bad business deals, finger pointing and down right arrogance? Maybe, unlike other politicians of the past, he is willing to wear his emotions on his sleeve and say “Well, this is how I am, I’m not changing for you or anyone else, so take it or leave it”.  We claim he is so unethical and would never fit in, but how many politicians have been caught and/or disgraced in scandalous activity during their time in office, including Hillary’s husband Bill? People also worry that if Hillary is elected to office that, it will be the former P.O.T.U.S. influencing the decisions in Washington and not that of Hillary herself. It is highly unlikely that she will be unfaithful like him, but her ethics in regards to Benghazi and the emails helps give Trump enough pull with the American public. So the real question is, is Donald more honest and trustworthy than Hillary?

If polls like the Wall Street Journal suggest this is the case, are they to be believed? In my mind, no politician, just like people in general, are not 100% honest, except for maybe the Pope! However, unlike normal people, politicians are in the public eye and are held to a higher accountability as representatives of our nation and protectors of the Constitution! Aren’t there times though that deals have to be made with the devil in order to achieve the greater good of the people? Absolutely! Releasing frozen assets to Iran in order to free four American hostages is a perfect example! Not everyone might agree, but I’m sure the families of those released would beg to differ. So if lying, cheating and stealing is a part of daily life in Washington, then why not Hillary? It’s because people are tired and want to get away from the norm of your every day politician and make things function again like a democracy rather than a monopoly. Typical politicians are boring and superficial like Facebook, it’s not the real you. I think what attracts people to Sanders and now Donald Trump, is that he is not superficial. He’s real, he’s raw, he’s ready and frankly, he scares the hell out of Washington and all those who have benefited within the cocoon of political favoritism. We never thought Donald would have made it this far, so don’t be surprised America if he becomes our next President of the United States!


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