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giphy    Okay folks, round one is officially in the books for the most watched and anticipated political debate in television history! According to Nielsen, well over 80 million people tuned in for the debate that would decide who would run our country for the next four years! Despite the loud and continuous applause Donald and Hillary received as they walked into the large room at Hofstra University in New York, the tension in the air was obvious! People who had earlier been laughing, smiling and mingling with each other, were now sitting in silence, each pondering questions and opinions within themselves about the candidates who stood before them. As expected, the gloves came off within the first five minutes and the poor moderator Lester Holt, was in for a long nite! He did great in the first couple of rounds of questioning, but then fell to pieces once Donald Trump took over the show.I think that even under the best of circumstances, no moderator could have controlled a debate where Donald demanded the center of attention and whose voice was to be heard interrupting Hillary Clinton time and time again.

Now on to the topics within the debate itself. When it came to achieving prosperity for America, Hillary stated “Create an economy that works for everyone, higher wages, profit sharing, maternity leave, support small businesses, tax the rich and enforce trade deals with a special prosecutor”In response, Donald said “Jobs are fleeing to Mexico and China, car manufacturing is leaving our country as well. I’ll reduce taxes from 35 to 15% and will prevent companies from Leaving the United States and NAFTA was the worst trade deal ever in the history of our country”. Segment two had to do with taxes, Hillary stated “The wealthy need to contribute more” while in return Trump said “Were in a bubble and I will increase new jobs through the wealthy”. It was at this point the gloves came off and it got personal. Clinton said “Donald isn’t rich or charitable, He hasn’t paid federal income tax or paid his bills to small business owners and that he filed for bankruptcy six times”. It was at this point Lester Holt asked Donald about releasing his tax information to the public in which he replied “Against my lawyers advice, I’ll release my taxes when she releases her 33,000 emails”. Expecting the floor to drop, Hillary was able to shut that down immediately by replying in a calm voice “I take full responsibility and made a mistake” and that was that! So she apologized for her part but Donald did not regarding his taxes!

The third aspect of the debate, which has always been a very sensitive topic for anyone, is that of race and how it has affecting America, especially with what we have seen in the news. When asked about race issues, Hillary stated “Race determines, where we live, income, education ect…, we must restore trust between police and community, better train our officers, justice reform, remove guns from criminals, close private prisons and provide mental health awareness training for the police”. In return, it seemed as if Donald was wanting a lock down on America by saying “We need law and order in inner cities, inner cities are hell like Chicago and politicians are allowing it to happen. Over 4,000 people have been killed in Chicago since Obama took office and stop and frisk has been very effective in places like New York”. While I wouldn’t normally agree with what Trump has to say, he does make a valid point, especially about the unchecked violence in Chicago that continues on a daily basis! Cyber Warfare ended up being an interesting topic, especially when it came to the answers they both provided. While Clinton stated “Russia has used cyber attacks against the U.S. and how far will they go?”, Donald said “Could have been anyone who hacked their way into the U.S., could have been Russia, China or even a 400 pound person sitting on the couch”. Neither statement leaves me feeling secure about the cyber issues within our country.

Finally there was the issue of preventing homegrown attacks, including its foreign and nuclear policies. Hillary seemed straight forward with “Wanting to combat ISIS, continue the air strikes, watching out for America and its allies and maintaining our defense treaties in regards to nuclear policy”. Trump for his part, seemed  more concerned about the financial aspect of it all. He complained about “The U.S. having to flip the bill for most of NATO and that we should start charging other countries to protect them. He also stated that Hillary had been fighting ISIS her entire adult life, that we should have left troops on the ground in Iraq and taken their oil to help pay for the war. In regards to our nuclear policy, he went on to say that the U.S. wouldn’t make the first strike, our nuclear air fleet is too old, China should handle North Korea and it was a bad deal with Iran. While I agree that China should deal with North Korea and that keeping troops on the ground in Iraq could have prevented ISIS from taking hold, his foreign policy leaves much to be desired.

In the end, it seems as if Hillary won the debate by being prepared with answers, being calm and collective and not giving in to Trump’s constant flair ups, finger pointing and continuous interruptions. He in return seemed irrational, generalized everything and gave no direct answers to any type of foreign or domestic policies. The icing on the cake had to have been when he stated that she had “No stamina to be President of the United States”, but it was obvious that she had the last laugh by not reacting to his hostilities during the debate. He should have realized ahead of time, or at least his staff should have told him, that a woman in her position who has dealt with men in Washington and around the world for the last thirty years, would not crack easily and this was not a reality show, but real life! Despite his loud mouth rhetoric, less than pleasant personality and loss of the debate, Donald Trump is still holding strong in the polls. Following the debate, Fox News polls  show him trailing Clinton by only 3% with her leading Donald 43% to 40% respectively. According to the poll, it also states that Trump is preferred among men (+17 points) while Hillary leads among women (+20 points). I suspect that it will be a very close race to the end with everyone being glued to their televisions or internet the day of the election. No matter who you may vote for, it is important to get involved, get registered and vote on election day, because despite what you may think, every vote counts, not only for yourself, but for America as well.

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