Back in the light!

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Out of the shadows they come!

The 2016 presidential race has been a hot topic all year long. About who is a racist, or a sexist, and any other radical names that can be used to label the candidates running for the highest office in the land.


Has all this hatred in the presidential race, or constant race baiting remarks by the candidates, ignited the fires of the klan’s crosses once again. After the passage of the civil rights act, and the length that the United State has walked forward out of the shadows of her past. That the Klan’s power would never see the light of day ever again in the United States. Could we look at this, as the United States is falling back in the shadows or that the Klan is poking their heads into the light of the United States future. Could the Klan be making a comeback.



Republicans have publicly announced disdain against David Duke Senate bid in Louisiana. David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the KKK. Most millennials probably have no idea who he is. But for the past decade, you could guess that Duke had maybe given up on his political ambitions that he would never even get close to public office again after his victory back in  1989 when he won his congressional district. Presidential run after presidential run leading to failure. Even though Donald Trump has tossed the support of Duke saying he doesn’t want it. Duke has come forward saying that he supports Donald Trump all the way. Claims that finally the mainstream has finally answered the issues that he argued for years. Sharp borders, bad trade deals, American nationalist and European values.

How on earth!

As the mainstream Americans can say there is no way in hell that a former KKK leader would ever get a chance at winning an election so don’t worry about him, but Louisiana election is not like most of the United States. It’s not that a primary could keep him from an election Louisiana has a jungle primary system that you can have as many candidates that want to put a bid in the election. If no candidate comes out above 50% on November 8th, then it goes to a run-off which comes down to the two candidates with the highest percentage of votes. American would say ok he won’t get that big of a percentage, but we saw the Republican presidential primary with 17 candidates trying to split up the vote. With many claims that were the start and rise of Donald Trump winning the Republican primary. So you thought 17 was a lot try 24 in Louisiana between democrats and republican 24 candidates running for the open Senate seat. According to the research center Duke is polling at 14% statewide so with 24 candidates splitting up the vote Duke may make it to the jungle primary in December. With 14% he could very well be one of the top two candidates.

Will support follow

So are Republican ok with giving up the Senate if Duke gets past the jungle primary battles. Will Republicans hold their nose and vote for him just because he is the Republican candidate, or will they hope that another Republican beats out in the percentage of the Democrats running. If the Republican party wants to become something they must not follow Duke into his path to the Senate, just let it fall.


The defeat of Duke is a must in Louisiana if Republicans want to hold on to that Senate seat. If not the party of racism and bigotry will keep its label.
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