Ouija Votes and Other Spooky Tales of Fraud

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Our lovely mountain state may very well be caught in a big scandal this election, one that may be swept under the rug. The 2016 election, more than others in the past, is abuzz with the scandal of voter fraud. Controversial voter ID laws in different states claim to curb this rampant fraud. Yet the statistics show, the voter fraud these laws aim to target may not be as rampant as lawmakers claim. They may even disenfranchise eligible voters who may tend to vote for one party in favor of another. These scandals, along with a handful of instances of actual voter fraud, have added fuel to a fire too big to put out, a month from a landmark election.

Colorado was recently in the spotlight for several ballots cast by dead CO residents in El Paso County. As the Denver Post  points out, this was actually a result of clerical error, and our system, which is constantly being rebooted as the technology changes. It is actually not that easy to commit voter fraud in person.

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One big criticism that very strong believers in voter fraud hold is that illegal aliens can just walk into a booth, cast a ballot and leave. In Colorado, in particular, SB-251 granted drivers licenses to individuals “who either cannot demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S. or can only demonstrate temporary lawful presence in the U.S. ” The reasoning behind this bill was road safety. An uninsured, undocumented driver poses a great risk to many insured Coloradoans, therefore, the state senate felt it necessary to grant these people an identification. As a person who possesses one of these licenses, I can personally say they are marked with a giant black bar above my picture that states “NOT VALID FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION, VOTING, OR PUBLIC BENEFIT PURPOSES.”  In fact, to enter a federal building, I have to show a separate form of ID, issued by INS. Anyone trying to vote with one of these ids puts themselves at a gigantic risk




Voter ID laws passed in other states tend to be aimed at curbing the practice of in-person voter fraud. The statistics show that this type of fraud, if any, is not the one being committed. In fact, these laws tend to target a disproportionate number of people living in poverty or elderly people who have sometimes lost many or all of the necessary forms of supplemental identification needed to obtain an ID in say, North Carolina. This does not  mean anyone should be able to go up to the polls with no identification and fill out a ballot. Proof of identification is and should always  be required to vote so that our process remains as fair as it can be. The problem with these laws is that they ask for far too many requirements to obtain a valid voting ID. Take Christine Krucki for example. She is a 90yr old woman from Wisconsin who was denied her right to vote because of name changes, high fees in changing her name and obtaining her documents and a Wisconsin voter ID law. Born in a rural area, she had to track down her birth certificate, deal with a clerical error of her Polish last name, pay to fix it and obtain her marriage license to possibly obtain a valid ID to vote. Elderly people like her no longer drive, so their licenses may have expired when Regan left office. Poor people may be stuck in a similar boat when it comes to their vote as they face similar hurdles.


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What can we do to fix the system then? How do we keep the dead from voting and the aliens from the polls while letting old people keep their right to vote? This Pew analysis points out some very interesting statistics when it comes to how Canada registers its voters. It also points out that yes, voter fraud is real, but as found by the Denver Post, it occurs mostly from outdated voting systems, clerical error, and sloppy recordkeeping rather than sneaky liberals doing everything they can to elect Hillary. What about absentee and mail-in voting? Yes, mail-in ballot fraud happens as well, but as this article points out, it will not be solved by voter ID laws. Another option is to do away with mail in ballots all together but that would exclude millions of working class voters who’s places of employment cannot or will not close on election day. Should we just trust that these people are actually who they say they are? There is no easy solution to stopping the forms of voter fraud that do occur, but it is useless to focus on the ones that do not.


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