Donald Trump, his uncontrollable mouth, and the uneasy feeling he leaves in people’s stomach

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Donald Trump a celebrity, TV personality, businessman, and now Republican party presidential nominee strikes again with yet more astonishing, and baffling reasons as to why he is unfit to be the President of the United States of America. It has been a harsh and down spiraling few days for the Trump campaign and his supporters. Honestly, this election is over for the candidate. I am unsure of how this man can come back on top of the race after the recently released footage of him degrading women, and his recent performance at the second Presidential debate.

The Released Footage Screwing Him: 

In case you haven’t seen the released footage that has set the Trump campaign up in flames here is the link . After watching that I feel as though it would be safe to conclude that anyone would be disturbed by the words that were said. Not only are many Americans upset about the footage but many GOP officials alike. After the released footage several GOP candidates have stated they will not support Donald Trump. See link here. That is quite the list and it brings a dynamic to the election that has yet to be seen in any election. Sure there has been party officials who have withdrawn their support towards a candidate but, this occurring less than a month away from the election is unheard of. This is extremely absurd to see in a positive light. One should give props to these Republicans who have withdrawn their support for Trump after this incident because it takes a great amount of courage. Instances like this are what will help fix an ongoing problem in not only the U.S. but around the world. Taking away power and support from an individual who is preaching hate, and demeaning every group possible is how that individual will eventually fail and fall.

Second Presidential Debate Performance: 

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Following the released footage Friday the harsh week continued for team Trump as the second presidential debate took way. The debate was one unlike any of its kind. Viewers were unsure if they were watching a debate or a reality TV show. One of the second questions asked was whether or not Trump understood that what he said in the released footage was sexual assault? Trump’s response was very nonchalant, unapologetic, and not focused on the question. He started off by saying he was sorry about what he had said but, this banter was just locker room talk. Then wondered off into talking about how he will defeat ISIS, and there’s behavior far worse than this occurring around the world in terms of torture, and war. Hillary was able to respond to his answer and said that this is who Trump is and this footage only goes to show who he is, therefore he is unfit to be Commander in Chief due to his track record of demeaning groups of people. Trump responded with the most uncanny response stating “It’s just words folks”.

Yes, Trump words that are unacceptable in many ways. “Just words” and hate towards a certain group of individuals once caused the Holocaust.  During the duration of the debate, Trump continued to reflect blame onto Hillary, her emails, Bill Clinton and his alleged sexual assault cases, as well as even went to say he will personally throw Hillary in jail if he is elected. Although there is no turning back from what was said, Trump could’ve used this opportunity to address to the American people how sincere and apologetic he is about the words that were said. Rather than doing this he acted as on oversized toddler and continued to blame others. He isn’t held accountable for his words as other political candidates would be in a presidential race. His mouth is uncontrollable. Maybe the pulled support for him will tame him a bit.

The Uneasy Feeling: 

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After the past weekend, it is safe to say after the increased pulled support by Republicans, and the thoughts of the nation. There is an uneasy feeling being left by Trump in the stomachs of American people, for others where this hits hope perhaps, uneasiness in their heart. This individual is unfit to be our Commander and Chief and needs to become more apologetic and sincere, before he thinks he can win a presidential race. Anyone who can belittle multiple groups of people should never be put on the frontline of the U.S. and how it’ll be ran. It’s such a shame that this election has come to this level. As a first time voter I am highly disappointed, as a woman I am hurt, as an American I am ashamed. Fool me once U.S.A.!







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