Rapist as a President

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Have we had a rapist a president in the United States before? We have had sex sandals, we have had The Watergate Scandal, but we have never had a president who has been accused of sexually assault of minors. Mr. Trump has been accused of raping a 13 year old girl. The women claims:

“On the first occasion,” Johnson said she “was forced to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with the use of her hand … until he reached sexual orgasm.”

“On the second occasion,” the documents state, she “was forced to orally copulate Defendant Trump by placing her mouth upon Defendant Trump’s erect penis until he reached sexual orgasm.”

“On the third occasion,” she claimed she “was forced to engage in an unnatural lesbian sex act,” with a 12-year-old “sex slave.”

She is now asking for 100 million dollars from Trump for having her at his sex parties at his and his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s house. She said that she was threatened with physical violence if she did not comply to what they were asking for. She said she also informed Trump that she was a virgin and kept asking them to stop.

Whether this turns out to be true or not, what does this say about this man? HELLO PEOPLE!! He has a lot of sandal comparable or worse than what Hillary Clinton has on her. He has not only been accused of sexual assault, but now it is against children! Do we really want this man as a president?


Earlier in the election a video came up where Trump came out and said to “grab them by the pussy”. We live in a world where people say it is “locker room talk” to try and excuse when Trump said that you have to “grab them by the pussy“. Is it ok for young boys or men to keep talking like this and expecting to be able to do their way with women and get away with it? We have to start thinking about our morals here. Women have became more than just objects in the world. We now have the same rights as men, but why do we keep getting talked about like we are just objects. It is people like Trump that are the problem with how women are seen.

Let’s leave all the feminist stuff out of this so I don’t sound like I’m writing and anti-man post. Trump has also targeted men who can even be said to be heroes to some people. He has talked about POW’s and McCain. When he was talking about John McCain he said that he “liked people who weren’t captured“. How does that not offended people who are in the military? So now if we are capture, we cannot be considered a war heroes? I believe people do not go to war to be war heroes, but they do not go to war thinking they are going to come back to America and have people making fun of them getting captured. When has it been okay for a president, or in this case a future president, to make such comments about prisoners of war?

How has it become okay for a candidate to be able to say so much things that hurt many people? We still take this man serious and we believe that he will be a good president. He can say whatever he pleases and people will still adore him. He can be accused of multiple things and people will still see him as a great man.

Things have changed in America. We have lost value in things that are important to us and we have came to accept people who do harm to others. I am not saying Hilary is such a great person either, but why is this man more qualified with her?

We might be able to give him the compliment that he is a good business man, but I don’t know how that would qualify him as a president or even a good human being.

It is sad that we have over 300 million people living in the United States and we came up with these candidates! It is even more sad that this man can be accused of doing horrible things and can say horrible things and still be considered as a fit president. What do our allies think of us now? Will this cause friction between us and other countries if he becomes elected?

The future is uncertain, but what is certain is that this man keeps getting away with saying and doing horrible things. We live in this world now where we can accept people to be a president because we hate the other candidate so much. We do not care about what they really have to bring to the country, but we care more about making the other person lose. This is not the time to take sentiments in consideration, this is the time to look at facts and decide what is more important to us. Let’s “make America great again” but not by voting for someone because we hate the other one but by looking at facts and seeing what is really worth more to us.

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