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Well, the Democratic Party’s ( aka, Hillary’s minions) finding of the “Trump tape” at the 11th hour, with the intent to put Donald out of the race, has been “Trumped” by the 11 plus hour finding of the new emails on Huma Abedin’s home computer. This type of tactic has been used, both successfully and not, in the past; and it has been used with lies and with truths that are harmful to reputations. It certainly goes hand in hand with candidates of low moral fiber and who do not have confidence in their own abilities and who have jumped off the positive campaign band wagon. The question is, will that be enough to actually put a bump in the road in Clinton’s chance to win the election in six days? There is no sure answer so let’s look at some past tricks and the results.

The election of 1800 between the Democratic-Republican candidate, Thomas Jefferson, and the Federalist Party candidate, incumbent President John Adams, was one of the earliest campaigns to use lies about an opponent to destroy their chances. The candidates did not campaign for themselves at this time in history. They used supporters to campaign for them. Even so, the candidates still played a part behind the scenes and Jefferson had one of his supporters print pamphlets with vicious lies about Adams. Among the lies published were an allegation that “Adams planned on going to war with France and that he had a ‘hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.’ “( 10 Worst Dirty Tricks In American Politics) The result of this was that Adams was damaged enough to cause Jefferson to be elected. However, this did not end with Jefferson’s election. The person that published the pamphlets thought he could claim a job as a postmaster since he helped Jefferson. Jefferson thought it would be a better idea to appoint someone else so the pamphleteer proceeded to publish pamphlets tarnishing Jefferson.


The John F. Kennedy versus Vice President Nixon debate used a trick that was not nearly as mean but surely as devious. The debates were being aired on TV for the first time ever and one of the things the debaters agreed on was that they would not wear makeup. In typical politician fashion, they both cheated. JFK put full professional makeup on but Nixon only used a low grade makeup to cover his five o’clock shadow. That might have still been fine except that both sides knew that Nixon tended to sweat easily, so Nixon’s people set the thermostat very low to keep Nixon cool. Kennedy’s group got to the thermostat last and cranked up the heat making Nixon sweat and look older and he had to dry his face over and over with a handkerchief. The result: “The debate was viewed by 70 million people, and later polling showed that over half of the voters were influenced by the candidates’ debate performances. Political scientists still argue over the impact of the debate, but given that Kennedy won the election by just over 100,000 votes, a few degrees on the thermostat may have made all the difference.” ( 10 Worst Dirty Tricks In American Politics)   VIDEO

The most horrendous example of a dirty trick was during  President Lyndon B. Johnson’s incumbency.  The Vietnam War was happening and President Johnson had ordered less bombing in North Vietnam in hopes of starting peace talks. If he had gotten a peace agreement Nixon would not have had a chance of winning the election. Nixon sent a secret message to the President of South Vietnam saying he would get a better deal if Nixon won the election. The NSA wiretaps discovered the plot but Johnson could not publicly say anything because of the worry that the South Vietnamese would be alerted to their ambassador’s communications being monitored. The opponent was Hubert Humphrey and his aides thought he would win the election so they opted not to make the accusation of a presidential candidate dabbling in treason. The result was that Nixon won by less than one percent. The horrendous part of this egomaniacal plan: “In 1973, the US would reach a peace deal with North Vietnam under much of the same terms as those discussed in 1968. Over 22,000 American soldiers died in those five years, along with countless more Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians – proof that sometimes dirty tricks can have a death toll attached to them.” ( 10 Worst Dirty Tricks In American Politics)


So, will the new emails stop Hillary? Probably not. This campaign has been so filled with lies and tricks and misdirection that the public has become desensitized. She immediately jumped on the tactic of coming up with something to point fingers at Trump and they both spiral down the insult drain. Besides, lying from Hillary is nothing new.



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