Tic Tac Toe Give Me An X Give Me An O, Give Us A Trump How About No

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Well, folks, we are in the final homestretch of what has seemed to be the longest dragged on election. This election has been full of chaos, and hurtful words but, through all of the chaos and the hurt there is still one candidate who is shining brightly. Perhaps, I am biased but, this candidate seems to be no other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. After this election and when she is elected, she will once restore the luster that once belonged to the statue of liberty. Trump cannot be elected and will not be elected because, although America is ready for change, we aren’t ready for a drastic change that’ll set back our country hundreds of years. We the American people are looking for change that’ll only build up on the change that we’ve progressed on already such as, women’s rights, same-sex marriage rights, and decrease racial injustice. Donald Trump cannot bring us this change.

The Case Against Trump: 

These are just a few of the many horrible things Trump has said during this election. It’s hard to believe he has come this far and we are less than a week left until the election having to choose between a bigot as a candidate and a qualified politician. Why does this man appeal to the American people although he says such horrendous things?  The reason why Trump can appeal to some American people is due to the fact that he runs on a platform that many conservatives or those who are likewise bigots and racists can speak to. In an article that is linked to this sentence, it is stated that Trump is able to appeal to voters because he panders to the black vote.  He has done this time and time again by playing the black community against each other making them the suspect and victims of their own racial injustice as seen in some of his twitter posts in the linked article above. This is behavior that most would see intolerable but, unfortunately, not everyone has that same viewpoint on the issues that come up with Trump’s campaign. Trump is able to prosper with those that can relate to him based on the fact that racism does exist in this country and, his sexual assault comments that are still not drawing back as many voters as it should only go to show that rape culture is a problem in this country. Maybe just maybe if Trump could be more apologetic about all the demeaning verbal and “alleged physical” assaults he has made towards more than one group of people than many of us could sleep at night knowing we voted for him. This certainly isn’t the case and as Hillary has pointed out will never be the case.

The Nation which is #NeverTrump: 

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be our president as early as Tuesday night because, although, Trump has many supporters the American people and any human being understands that love will always trump hate. According to a recent Huffington Post, new polls are showing that Hillary is currently in the lead even after the controversial announcement that emails related to the Clinton probe were found. The article above states that Hillary is above in key states and have even predicted that she has a 98% chance of winning this election based on these new numbers. According to the article, Hillary is also doing better at this point in the election than Obama was doing and, he had a 91% chance of winning the election.  America is going to vote for the best candidate and although, Hillary is seen to be the lesser of two evils, she’s still the most qualified. One must believe America sees this says, #nevertrump, and shows up to the polls, or mail in their ballots in a timely manner. Our future is counting on this decision. We can’t afford to be wrong and, must do it for our immigrant parents, future children, environment, brothers and sisters from various races, and cultures, LGBTQ citizens and the world.

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