New Cold War

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As the war in Syria rages on and the civilian casualty counts climb ever higher Americans are left wondering what we should do. Hillary asserts that Trump is the real war monger and that he can’t be trusted with our nuclear arsenal and yet, it’s been the Obama administration and the democratic party more broadly that has flirted with war with Russia over the events in Syria, the construction of our “missile defense network” and the supposed attempt to influence our election process through the alleged Russian hack of the DNC.

If anyone is a threat to global security it’s the democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Trump has said that he has no desire to go to war with Russia and in fact would like it if we could be stronger allies. Trump has also said, with some critics claiming otherwise, that he had serious reservations about the war in Iraq and in fact would prefer if the United States were to take a smaller role in policing the world. Hillary on the other hand, supported the war in Iraq, admittedly as did many of us, and has openly threatened Russia with war if it continues to act against “America’s” interests. Furthermore, Hillary is a strong proponent for intervention on the grounds of human rights violations which would seem to justify intervention all over the world even when intervening would provide no strategic benefit for the United States. What I fail to understand is how a woman who has literally threatened war with another super power over allegations of cyber attacks and human rights violations, which America is most certainly not innocent of i.e. the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, has the audacity to claim Trump is somehow the real threat to global security.

The Obama administration, whom Hillary has said she will continue the legacy of into her presidency, has openly declared a cyber war with Russia and as Vice-president Joe Biden said in an interview with NBC over the alleged cyber attack, “We are going to send a message. It will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.” If anyone is a threat to global security it’s the democrats and Hillary Clinton. What impact do they think this will have on Russian relations with America?

Hillary has even suggested we start a ground war in Syria to topple to Asad Regime.

She even openly admitted that implementing her plan for no-fly zones and safe zones would result in significant civilian casualties which ultimately is the reason she claims we need to intervene in the first place. I fail to see the logic behind justifying human rights violations in the name of preventing human rights violations and I fail to see how she aims to secure global peace by increasing tensions between two of the world’s strongest military powers.

“Norway will suffer.”

As a matter of fact, only days ago, on October 31, Russian defense deputy chairman Frants Klintsevitsj, told the world that if the United States did not remove the 330 marines stationed in Norway as part of a “training regimen” that they would have no choice but to place Norway on their list of nuclear targets and that “Norway will suffer” if it does not comply. It’s his and Putin’s belief that Norway is violating an agreement made in 1949 that forbade them from allowing American troops to be stationed there and that this action is part of a broader agenda of positioning strategic targets throughout the region as part of NATO’s missile defense system. Putin has said in previous conferences that the actions of NATO and the United States leaves him with little choice but to mirror their military efforts.

The United States has said that the missile system is strictly for defense against threats coming from the middle-east but Putin asserts that offensive missile systems are being developed alongside defensive ones as part of a total package and that his covert surveillance has confirmed this. Putin believes the construction of this missile defense grid has tipped the balance of power into America’s hands by undermining Russia’s nuclear capability. He claims this undermines the mutually assured destruction model that has created lasting peace despite tensions between the two super powers and that he is left with little choice but to increase his offensive military capacity in an effort to re-balance this model.

Tensions between the United States and Russia are extremely high right now and depending on the president we elect, we could see an improvement or a worsening of that relationship. Trump says he wants to get out of the world’s business and focus on us while Hillary says she wants to increase the United State’s involvement in foreign affairs as part of her commitment to humanitarian and globalist principles. I just hope the American people know what kind of future they are voting for when they cast their vote in the coming days.

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