Brexit style screw job! or Elitist Paradise!

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American’s make a choice next Tuesday!


The time has come for American’s to make their decision for the 45th president of the United States of America. Over 22 million people have already voted early this cycle according to the New York Times. The one thing that won’t be known until election day is if the hidden Trump vote is the early voting Trumpsters because Democrats normally come out and beat Republicans in early voting. Then Republicans must play catch up on election day. Even though Mrs. Clintons may be up in battleground states, she’s not at the mark of 2012 early voting for the current President Barrack Obama according to the New York Times on 31st of October.

Breaking down the recent polls in the battleground states?

What Hillary has unlocked to door to let Trump walk right in. According to recent polls, Trump is not within striking distance. According to the UPI/cvoter poll, Trump is up in Virgina after the release of the FBI information. The same in places like Florida, and Iowa. If Trump can muster up the get out the vote for his efforts, then the Clinton campaign has a lot of worrying to do. With the latest FBI dumps it has been a terrible final week of the election for Hillary Clinton will it matter only time will tell when the results come out on election day. A recent article has been brought to attention after the FBI several states that allow early voting, have the rights according to CNN reports “Among the states that do allow voters to change their early ballot after it’s been cast are: Wisconsin; Minnesota; Michigan; Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi.” even though people have yet to follow this take back. The options are being put in front of the voters.

Victory Path for Trump!

Other states that Donald Trump is within striking distance for president of the United States. New Hampshire! A recent poll has come out stating that they are in a dead heat in NewHampshire. According to Boston Globe, ARG, and WBUR polls will New Hampshire be the state to put Trump over the edge he needs to win this election? If not new Hampshire then who.

Colorado gates have been left open, and Trump has pushed his way back into this race. According to a recent poll done by the Denver post. Hillarys HUGE lead has been decimated they are now all tied up, and Colorado is now back in the running.

Even though Pennsylvania is always a Republicans dream of winning Donald Trump’s proposals to the factory worker may help him get that edge over Hillary Clinton even though only one polls the Gravis poll has Trump withing 2 points. Wishful thinking one day may Republicans claim Pennsylvania.

Michigan is making its call could the see after decades of Democrats running the towns into the ground could they be taking up Trump’s offer just to give him a chance. Even though only one poll has been done since the email dumps it shows that Donald Trump is only about 3 points away from snagging this state. Trump’s famous quote for Michigan is ” you use to say cars were built in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico now you can’t drink the water in Flint, and the cars are made in Mexico.”

Cheeseheads! Wisconson in play now more than before with people like Scott Walker, Reince Priebus the RNC chairman, and the speaker of the House Republican Paul Ryan. With these strong Republican voices on the ground in their home state with according to recent polls from Marquette law school poll, Trump is only down 4-6 points, and Senator Ron Johnson is a single point of his Democratic opponent. Could Reince Priebus be right when he claimed that the Republicans ground game is a lot better then it was in 2012. If the Republicans can hold this Senate seat and Trump could pull off a victory here, it would be a total upset on any hopes for the Democrats this season.

Some of the states that could be in play but are highly unlikely are places like Minnesota, new Jersey, Oregon and new Mexico. Minnesota Trump is behind around 8 points which don’t look to trending his way even after the FBI dumps. New Jersey has had polls from 3 points away to 23 away. The Clinton campaign is highly likely to pick that one up. Oregon is a weird state recently if the rural 2nd amendment people come out to vote and Portland decides to stay home it could be in play. The questionable one is new Mexico not because Trump is doing great there but because Gary Johnson is hurting Clinton there.

For a trump victory to be possible, he must win at least the state combos.


Must wins

Florida – Ohio -Iowa – Georgia-arizona- North Carolina

Nevada, colorado – pensylvania – Wisconsin

It’s going to be a tough climb but coming from a point back in june 2015 when pundits said he had a 3% chance of getting the nomination anything is poissiable in Trumpland USA. Americans have the choice do we see the pollsters being completely wrong like Brexit or will we see the elite globalist come out with an everlasting victory?

Vote November 8, 2016, it’s your duty!


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