So You Wanna Vote Third-Party?

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unknown-2As this crazy election has continued to scare me away from both traditional parties I have personally felt myself wanting more and more to vote for a third-party candidate. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders isn’t on the ballot and Jill Stein hasn’t gained much traction. This has left Gary Johnson as the only (kind of) possible third party option to explore. He comes off as a cool, pot smoking, down to earth, normal human, unlike many other tradtional candidates. In his home state of New Mexico where people are less than fond of both Clinton and Trump Johnson has been able to get as much as 25% of voters to support him. It seems that Johnson has been able to get a decent amount of support from Hispanics that Hillary’s campaign hasn’t been able to capture.


On Sunday Gary Johnson was on the west side of town (Lakewood) encouraging voters to vote for and not against him in Tuesday’s Presidential election. As the Denver Post reports, some 5% of Colorado’s votes seem to be headed his direction. Many may see this as a “wasted vote” but it seems that people feel like they are making a statement against the two-party system and they privilege that got them to where they are.

unknownAlthough I would love to support the Libritarian party and Gary Johnson here are a couple of the reasons why I dont think he’s the man for the job. Let’s start with minimum wage increases. I know all of us are feeling the pressure of the increases in cost of living not only here in Denver but everywhere around our country. Unfortunitly, it isn’t possible to live off of our current minimum wage. Quite frankly I make more then minimum wage and I still feel this pressure to afford gas, food, rent, all the basics and struggle to even think of being able to save any of my hard earned money. When asked about increasing the minimum wage he beleived that this is a “non-issue” since hardly anyone works for minimum wage. According to Pew Research there are 1.532 million American’s that are working for minimum wage. That’s 1.5 million people that are most likely struggling to put food on the table, pay for a roof over their heads, pay for healthcare, and etc. 50% of those people are our youth (16-24 yrs. old) that we want to invest in for our combined futures but they can’t even come up for air to think about college or professional careers. So when Johnson says this minimum wage thing is no issue, I disagree.
The next big one for me is Gary Johnson’s stance on climate change. Not until recent months has he acknoledged that global warming is an actual thing that humans have an impact on. That being said he doesn’t beleive in allowing government to intervien is protecting our planet through cap and trade. He would rather leave environmental issues to the free market which has the potential for even more catistrophic damage. Many of today’s millennials are deeply concerned with climate change and Johnson is taking this issue much too lightly. An article from Mother Jones points out this notion all too well.images-2

As much as I’d really like to support Gary Johnson and tell you to do the same it seems I cannot. His stance on climate change alone really steered me clear of my vote for him as our next President. Now we have four years to get get our acts togther with a more suitable third-party candiate for the next election cycle.


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