So How Did We Get Here?

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Here it is everybody! The final gleaming results of the Presidential Election of 2016. And at the moment many citizens of the United States are pretty furious about the outcome of this election and they are asking each other, “How exactly did we get here?” Nevertheless, the citizens of the US can scream and shout all they want, but Donald Trump will become our new POTUS. Now the only thing that gets me is that question, “How exactly did we get here?” Because there are many reasons why Donald Trump became President, but the fact of him becoming President did not even come to reality, people felt that Hilary had things in the bag and that we were about to finally witness the first woman President. Yet things don’t usually go the way we plan it to go.

Now the reason why this shocks me is because of how far we came from. We told the world that we were ready and that we were changing when President Obama came into power back in 2008. After that we continued to support him back in 2012, but now we have changed our whole perspective and decided to follow someone like Donald Trump. This choice that we made is a new demographic decision that we have made as American people. The reason why this topic is so interesting to me, is because I want to know what changed. I want to know what got the people to start being afraid, to start judging others around them for who they are. Now you can tell me that if the election was changed to only get popular votes then I wouldn’t be asking this question, but is that true?  1,322,095 is the difference between Clinton and Trump. This is the number that could have changed the whole election, but yet we have Donald Trump preparing his cabinet as we speak.


Form 365 to 332 and then to 232. That is how far the Democratic Party has drop. From looking back on the last two elections, we see the dramatic difference between President Obama and his two opponents John McCain and Mitt Romney. Not only that, but the popular votes shows who we put our trust and faith in, and that was Barack Obama. Now that he can not run for a third term, why have we changed our values on the Democratic Party? Is it because of what Donald Trump said was what the people were thinking. That it is now the time for the conservative American values to be brought back to the United States and should become the main power of our government.

Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

Now these goals are something that we can fall back on, something that we can understand. A strong national defense, free markets, and providing people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Now I can understand why people voted Republican, but does that necessary mean that we had to vote for Donald Trump, especially from the language and the lewd comments that he has said over the past years. From disagreeing that President Obama was born in the US, to generally saying that Mexicans are rapist and drug dealers, to a full ban on Muslim, to disrespecting a Golden Star family, to trying to exploit a death of an African American woman in Chicago to say that’s why black voters will support him, and to numerous comments about women that would take all day to talk about.

Half of the US is telling us (mostly immigrants) that Donald Trump has the right idea of what makes America great again. That the social norm that society has had for many years, is the right way to go. That social norm being that America needs strong white, heterosexual, and Christian/Catholic values is the right and only way for us to progress. Now I know that there are people in the US that are Trump supporters and do not think that Donald Trump is necessary a racist, but can those people really say the same about those that did vote for Trump and have already shown the racism in the US the day after the election.

So now I ask and so do the many immigrants in the US, are we allowed to be here anymore, and if you say yes, then I have another question to ask as well. Are we safe to be here anymore. Because that’s all we care about, whether we are able to get through this together or if we should start fighting again.


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