Straight White Males

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Straight White men are one of the most hated demographics in the world. He is constantly the butt of jokes, constantly belittled and emasculated and heavily scrutinized for any choice he makes or belief he holds that doesn’t first acknowledge some abstract relation to his privilege. He is the last person that it is totally acceptable to hate and receive public approval or in some cases laughter. Despite having fought and died for emancipation and collectively voted to grant women the right to vote he is still seen as racist and sexist and solely responsible for slavery and the oppression of women. This election has been a demonstration of this reality and it was white men coming together in spite of this that put Trump in office.

This video, not being allowed on Youtube, reveals a culture of hate and indifference to violence directed at white men for exercising their right to vote. If you read articles about this incident, you’ll learn that the man was dragged alongside his car in excess of speeds of 70 mph and there remains to be any arrests. (#justice) Some people would like to think this is just an isolated incident that doesn’t really accurately reflect the will of the majority but more and more videos and articles about violence perpetrated against white men are surfacing daily. Take this incident for example:

This was a white male at the Charlotte riot who was beaten unconscious and nearly thrown into this make-shift bonfire. The reports on this incident indicate it was a racially motivated attack and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if he said something that offended this black mob, like support for Trump? Or how about this happy memory:

As you can see everyone thought this man’s suffering was funny and they were all celebrating in the fact that he got “knocked the fuck out!” These are the real deplorables and racists, not white men who support Trump. And make no mistake, this general attitude about white men is not isolated to lower classes of people. Just look at what TIME put out just days after the election. “Are we a country most proud of our progress, inclusiveness and evolution, or are we a country deeply attached to traditional power structures, exclusivity, and racial and gender hierarchy?” As if a vote for Trump means all those things. This country has lost its mind and white men are not the problem. White men coming together and voting for Trump was an act of self preservation and shared self interest and if other people have a problem with that then I think we all know who the real sexist and racist people are.

Furthermore, if we really want to get analytical, lets look at Obama’s recession recovery effort shall we?


None of the post recession recovery effort went to white communities. As a matter of fact, almost all of the new jobs created under the Obama administration went straight to the inner cities. Outsourcing destroyed the industries white males depended on in rural counties and the recovery effort completely ignored them. To this day, these predominantly white communities suffer with unemployment, drug and alcohol addiction, and rampant underachievement in academics. White men voting for Trump was an act of outrage at this reality and all the people that call us sexist and racist for voting Trump are themselves the actual racists and sexist because of their clear hatred of white men.

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