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False Narratives: There wasn’t an Awakening of the White Middle Class.

December 9, 2016


The accepted narrative that I continue to see becoming propagated during the post-election cycle is this phenomenon that Donald Trump succeeded by awakening a movement of white, rural, “less-educated voters.” This narrative is completely false. The notion that white voters – across all backgrounds and classifications – rallied behind this ideology in mass, is false. […]

Identity Politics are Civil Rights

December 2, 2016


The 2016 electoral cycle is coming to an end as the new year approaches; Donald J. Trump is our president-elect and while the focus of the Republican party has been centered upon securing the president-elect’s cabinet and administration, the Democratic party is going through an ideological shift that will reshape the party for the foreseeable future. This […]

Early Voting Turnout Among African Americans is Low; Signaling Problems for Hillary Clinton.

November 2, 2016


For Ms. Clinton and the Democratic party, the low voter turnout among the African-American community has been down thus far in 2016; indicating a foreseeable hurdle the Democratic party believed would be a significant challenge in a post-Obama political landscape. The conversation surrounding the repression of Black enthusiasm has been tied to the historic highs […]

Mike Pence: A History of Bigotry

October 6, 2016


Mike Pence, the Indiana governor running as Donald Trump’s vice presidential choice during this 2016 election; who according to many voters and pollsters won the VP debate Tuesday night (11/4/2016.) While Pence spent most of the night dodging questions, distancing himself from Trump’s inflammatory statements regarding women, minorities, and immigrants – essentially lying outright to […]

The Revonist Recollection of the GOP

September 20, 2016


The rhetoric we see proudly lauded within the GOP, and pushed by Conservatives alike, is this deeply entrenched belief that it’s an American duty to exultantly march forward through this country’s history without looking towards the past. To simply remove the dialogue concerning systemic and institutionalized issues of oppression, and racism, with faux patriotism. This […]