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Decisions Decisions.

December 9, 2016


Well as it looks like Donald Trump’s presidency  is getting closer and closer, and so that means a new cabinet needs to be form. Donald has to choose from a long list of professional, hardworking, and intelligent politicians. Which has been a little awkward due to the 2016 campaign where harsh words were said by […]

Presidential Tweets

December 4, 2016


Donald Trump will be the most interesting President will ever have, and I not talking about his ideas and bills that he will soon be forcing to pass, but I am talking about his constant tweet on Twitter. Where Donald Trump tweets his honest opinions of situations that might relate to him, or his vice president, […]

So How Did We Get Here?

November 19, 2016


Here it is everybody! The final gleaming results of the Presidential Election of 2016. And at the moment many citizens of the United States are pretty furious about the outcome of this election and they are asking each other, “How exactly did we get here?” Nevertheless, the citizens of the US can scream and shout all […]

What Does The World Say About Us?

November 2, 2016


Now that we are on the final stretch of our election, the outcome seems to be more complex from the beginning, due to the bashing of scandals, lewd comments, and corrupted organizations. It is still possible that it is anyone’s game at this moment, but I can’t say the same for Independent Party Gary Johnson. Where […]

Presidential Debates Round 2!

October 10, 2016


Here we go again people! The second Presidential Debate took place this past Sunday, but unfortunately it did not bring the same number of viewers then the first debate. Either way this debate was the one to watch, because it gave us the chance to observe the candidates and to watch them in a state where they […]