Who is Deplorable?

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Everyone who votes for Mr. Trump is deplorable! We are all racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or Islamophobic or so Hillary Clinton declares. We are now labeled as a basket of deplorables and we are all the same, well at least half of us are. She chose to say that we were deplorable and decided to generalize the Trump supporters as one. She is quick to come to conclusions of the opposite side but yet she has not had a clean back of her own. Trump wants her medical record to be released, but she refuses. Why is she refusing to show her medical record? Are the Trump supporters the only ones in the view?


Everyone was very offended when Donald Trump came out and said that Mexicans were criminals and rapists and from there he was labeled a racist. His accusations made, may not have been from facts or even any evidence and he messed up on that, but how is Hillary Clinton any different from what she said?

Hillary came up with those accusations and then regretted what she said. She was apologetic and chose to say she generalized in what she had to say. Why is it ok for her to apologize and have her words forgotten? Trump offended Mexicans with his statement and now Clinton is offending many more. She is quick to start pointing fingers, but when fingers are pointed at her she quick to deny them or not even acknowledge the accusations. Hillary is either choosing to ignore us or she does not want the truth to come up. Why are somethings left unanswered with Hillary?

Earlier in this election Trump wanted Hillary to come out and release her medical record. Hillary refuses to do so but why? Maybe everything the republicans have came out an said about Hillary’s health is false, but if that is the case why does she hide it? Hillary had a concussion in December of 2012, yes, but how did that affect her health?  She seems to not be doing so well with her health so far, this past Sunday, Hillary had to leave the ceremony honoring the 15th anniversary of 9/11 due to her Pneumonia and dehydration. She was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday but it was not released to the public until after the incident leaving the ceremony. If her health record does not matter why has it not been released? If her doctors were hiding her pneumonia what else were they hiding?


We should not be focused on her health! Why are we still talking about her health? Why has she not released her medical records? If this is all a conspiracy why doesn’t she just come out and give us facts? The truth is that multiple doctors are concerned with her health and so is the public.We are left with a lot of unanswered questions that may lead us to believe conspiracies.

Hillary is calling the Trump supporters deplorable, but who is really deplorable?

If it all comes down and everything people and doctors say about her health is just a big conspiracy, how do you take away the other things that are against Hillary and her reputation?

We recall that Hillary had the email accident. Hillary decided to use her email server for official use instead of the appointed one when she was the secretary of state. She violated the protocols and was not punished for what she did. The FBI conducted an investigation of what had happened, they either investigated or are still in the process of investigating all of over 30,000 emails. So far the have released that 8 of the emails were top secret, 36 were secret and 8 were confidential . The FBI is still investigating the rest of the emails and have not released everything they know about the email scandal and probably will not release anything until the election is over. They did though come out and say that no charges would be held against her yet. The FBI explained that what she did was wrong but she was not going to be processed because they think that she did not intentionally delete them. Hillary was extremely careless and did not take her role as serious as she should have taken it. She has shown to be careless with classified emails and yet she still has credibility with some people. She comes out to say that some voters for Trump are deplorable, but has she looked in the mirror?

What is the definition of deplorable?

Deserving strong condemnation

Synonyms: disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable

What are we willing to call deplorable? Maybe Trump does not have great things to say and maybe the things he says are not very reliable but is he who is deplorable. His word may seem to point that he is deplorable and maybe even the people that repeat his word. His words are just words so far but Hillary’s actions are more than words. When Hillary’s actions came out who is really deplorable? In this case who is the worse of two evils?


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