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The Wall Won’t Solve it All

November 22, 2016


It’s been the forefront of President-Elect Trump’s plan since day 1; building an impenetrable wall between the U.S – Mexico border. Its purpose? To bring illegal immigration to its knees and solve one of the U.S’ major crises. Supporters of the wall were quick to chant “Build a wall!” at Trump rallies all through the […]

Listen! Don’t Dis ‘Em!

November 2, 2016


I dare you, right now, turn to the person closest to you and call them out on their bad hair, or their non-name brand shoes. Now take it a step further and maybe shout some curse words. Try and accuse them of being insensitive to your mother’s gluten allergy with those wheat colored shoes, how […]

Ouija Votes and Other Spooky Tales of Fraud

October 7, 2016


Our lovely mountain state may very well be caught in a big scandal this election, one that may be swept under the rug. The 2016 election, more than others in the past, is abuzz with the scandal of voter fraud. Controversial voter ID laws in different states claim to curb this rampant fraud. Yet the […]

Why the Dinner Table Uncle Votes Red

September 20, 2016


  Blue collar workers have historically been the backbone of America and a driving force in American politics. They, like everyone else, vote for who will benefit them the most. Historically, this group has represented the traditional values of America, the Bible Belt, the White Christian South. Yet this election, they feel neglected, forgotten, silenced, […]