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Donald Trump will be the most interesting President will ever have, and I not talking about his ideas and bills that he will soon be forcing to pass, but I am talking about his constant tweet on Twitter. Where Donald Trump tweets his honest opinions of situations that might relate to him, or his vice president, or even his company. Donald Trump usually explains his progress on his presidential duties, letting the citizens of the United States know that their elected-president is doing his job and insure the promise that he has been expressing from his campaign. I believe that this Donald Trump has the right to say whatever and do whatever he wants on his Twitter, but should the next elected-president always need to say something. Because we all know that many people have not been taking the decision the American people made on Election Day, and so many people tend to express their feelings about Donald Trump. So what I am wondering is that would Donald Trump try to get the last word on an argument that is a negative perspective of him.


For example, the Hamilton incident. Where elected-Vice President Mike Pence was booed by the audience, and not only that, but the cast of the Hamilton production wanted to express something that they felt was important and needed to be said.

“We sir, we are the diverse America, who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. Our planet, our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our alienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspire you to uphold our American values and to work on the behalf of all of us.

Cast member of Hamilton 

Now from the beginning of the speech the actors told the audience that their was no booing and that the place should be filled with compassion and respect for one another. In my perspective, from reading the quote and listening to the message, it seem as if the cast was just trying to get their message out. There was no sense of rudeness and when the audience booed against Mike Pence, it was the cast that stopped the audience. It really showed that no matter what Mike Pence stood for the diverse cast made sure to show all their respect, because he will be the new Vice-President. All they wanted to do, was to make sure that their Vice President will respect people for who they are and accept those that happen to be different from others.

Yet that is not the only tweet where Donald Trump shared his opinion. Some of these tweets may look strange and unbelievable, but it also shows that there are a lot of people that truly believe on the opinions of Donald Trump. Not because he his the President, but they believe that he is right, or that he is the victim, or that he knows more than scientist and facts.

In my personal opinion the President should be someone that shouldn’t feel like that he needs to have the last laugh. The President should know when his opinions are valued, and they should also know what the right things should be said. Since some of his tweets give off wrong impression that make him seem like an unfit leader of the US. Yet, it will not stop on Twitter, for both technology and the law have evolved to allow the President of the United States to speak directly to the American people in times of emergency through their phones. Given Donald Trump’s prolific use of social media platforms, it’s worth examining how the president-elect may use this technology to communicate with citizens. This system has never been use, but I have the feeling that our new elected President, will start using this technology to get a hold of the American people.

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